Isabelle's Permanent Make-up



Isabelle’s Permanent Make-Up was funded in Marbella (Spain) under the management of Isabel Fernández, a qualified professional with a vast experience and knowledge on permanent makeup.



At present, she operates by means of Isabelle’s Permanent Make-up clinic

in Marbella, one of the most prestigious and recognized micropigmentation centers of Europe.


Isabel Fernández works as a permanent makeup specialist in different cities in Spain and abroad (mainly in the Middle East and Europe) through permanent agreements with active beauty parlors.



In 2011, Isabelle’s Permanent Make-Up initiated a new professional era with the creation of a network of licensed and franchised centers, at national and international level, with the aim of making use of the experience, knowledge and know-how accumulated over her professional career.



This informative material was designed with the intention of providing additional information about the company and the new expansion stage it is facing, as well as to offer you the possibility to participate in this expansion process and to become a member of Isabelle’s Permanent Make-Up network of franchisees and licensers.



We open the doors of our house to show you the advantages of our business model that offers a wide range of possibilities, growing perspectives and attractive business outcomes.