Permanent make-up TECHNIQUE

Our semi-permanent make-up technique is the outcome of developing and improving dermopigmentation and makeup technology.


It is an aesthetic procedure that aims to: temporarily correct, modify, make beautiful and balance certain facial features (lips, eyebrows, eyes…) or body features (alopecia, nipple, skin pigmentation problems) through the implantation of pigments in the epidermis.


Isabelle's Permanent Make-up specializes in this area of aesthetics, as well as in the correction and elimination of previous aesthetic procedures.

We cover every aspect of micropigmentation from performing new services to correcting previous inadequate ones, masking and elimination.


Over 30 years of experience, Isabelle's Permanent Make-up team has developed a system to enhance all aspects of micropigmentation: it is gentler to the skin and uses the most advanced technology and natural pigments, which lighten over time to end up vanishing.


Our meticulous working method is worth mentioning. We strive to achieve symmetry and a natural looking, delivering always an excellent service to our clients in a professional and hygienic environment.


This technique helps to highlight and define facial natural features: eyebrows (hair by hair effect), eyeliner and filling of eyelashes, lip liner or lip color filling.


The results are permanent and immediately visible conferring the face a natural and smooth look, similar to the one achieved with traditional cosmetics but permanent.


Our professionals have been working on it for decades, introducing

new advanced equipment and high quality pigments, to achieve amazing results.



Micropigmentation VS Tattoo tecnquiques:



Micropigmentation is NOT a tattoo technique. It is essential to understand the difference between Micropigmentation and Tattoo techniques. 


Micropigmentation is a procedure that exclusively works on the epidermis, so there is no blood and no pain, since it is superficial on the skin.

In addition, the pigments used are natural and organic, with no metallic or animal ingredients. They don't contain alcohol and comply with all EU health requirements.


The color remains on the skin for only 1 to 2 years, depending on the skin. 

Our pigments are suitable for all skin types, because they are very light and natural.


Micropigmentation can also be corrected and removed from the skin, depending on the customer's needs. Moreover, there are no contraindications: diabetics and patients taking anticoagulants are suitable for Micropigmentation.