Business concept - Isabelle's Permanent Make-up

Over the next years, Isabelle’s Permanent Make-Up is planning to extend its working network to cities around Europe and Middle East, where higher business potential is.

The expansion policy is based on the implantation of Isabelle’s Permanent Make-Up concept in the different markets through a network of franchised centers and licensed beauty clinics already established.

> Isabelle’s Permanent Make-Up Franchise

The franchise format is been designed for investors who are willing to implement in full Isabelle’s Permanent Make-up business concept.


For areas with higher potential we recommend implanting exclusive centers dedicated to permanent make up treatments.


These, under Isabelle’s Permanent Make-up registered name, would reproduce 100% the original business concept, in terms of not only services offered but also management system. 


The format is supported by our main office, from where we provide continuous support, permanent training and individual tracking of activities performed.


> Isabelle’s Permanent Make-up License

For beauty centers already in operation.

We offer a second option to become part of our network through a license, which allows you to incorporate Isabelle’s Permanent Make-up treatments into your treatment portfolio.